MaxiFlo – Thermal Mass Flow Meters

Ideal Solution for Measuring All Types of Gases

The MaxiFlo MST series provides a direct mass flow measurement of air and gases in SCFM, NM3H, Kg/Hr, and other mass units.

They are ideal for measuring low velocity flow rates and offer a wide measurement range, typically 100:1.

All the models can be inline type with flange or screw connection, or insertion type. Insertion type meters substantially reduce ownership cost and installation cost and can be installed in pipe sizes from 1/4″ and all the way up to large ducts.

MaxiFlo MST series is operated at a higher power level than competitive models, resulting in improved response time and wider turndown.

The sensor is all-welded and is constructed of grade 316 stainless steel or optionally Hastelloy-C. There are no moving parts.

Communications options include RS232, RS485 and FieldBus

No Temperature/Pressure Compensation Required!!!

No Moving Parts!!!

No Pressure Loss!!!