MaxiFlo – Coriolis Mass Flow Meter



MaxiFlo™ Coriolis Mass Flowmeter series MCM is a mass flowmeter that measures mass flow, density and temperature (volume flow calculated) of liquids, slurries and multi-phase liquids directly without going through calculation process based on other variables.

The mass flow sensing element is composed of a pair of bent tubes, vibrators and displacement sensors. The trick here is to detect the Coriolis force applied on the tube by the flowing fluid inside the bent oscillating tube. In order to do that the vibrators vibrates the bent tubes at the natural frequency of the tubes. When there’s a flow inside the tubes, the Coriolis force at work distorts the vibration of the tubes. This distortion can be measured using the displacement sensors. The amount of distortion is directly proportional to the mass flow of the liquid inside the tube. By accurately processing the displacement, the accurate mass flow is directly measured.

Liquids, slurries and multiphase (liquid mixed with air bubbles or solids) can be measred. It boasts strong immunity to noise, high accuracy, wide turndown ratio, stability and reliability. Simple design allows for simple installation, operation and maintenance. It has no moving parts. And it doesn’t require any special devise for installation and it doesn’t require flow profile stabilization, meaning it doesn’t require straightner or straight pipe sections either upstream or downstream. The wetted parts are made of stainless steel and therefore can be used for corrosive liquids.