Sprint Electric

DC Motor Control Technology: Increase your productivity, save energy and reduce down time.

With an extensive range of DC motor control products, you will find an answer to your industrial automation questions. Increase your productivity, save energy and reduce your down time.

Your Industry – Our Experience.

We’ve used our renowned industrial automation experience to design a range of DC motor controllers, which provide you with solutions to the most demanding motor control applications.

It’s now easier than ever to design new DC motor control systems or improve the performance of an existing application by retrofitting with the latest DC technology.

Save With Compact Designs And Ex-Stock Delivery.

You can save cabinet space in new control systems, or easily upgrade an existing DC motor application. Compact design comes as standard.

Reduce your downtime by relying on our ex-stock delivery. With a global network of partners and all products built for stock, you can quickly get your business moving again.