Schneider Electric

Schneider-ElectricAs the Global Specialist in Energy Management™ and market leader in industrial automation and software. Schneider Electric enables people to experience and transform efficiency where they live and work; from home to enterprise, across the grid and the city.
Focused on making energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green, the Group brings a world where innovative individuals use collaborative solutions to make the most of their energy, while using less of the common planet. Our market leading software and services enable our customers to monitor, control and automate their products and processes. 
€24.9B Global Sales in 2014 
44% of sales in new economies 
170,000+ people in more than 100 countries 
4-5% Sales devoted to R&D 
175+ years of history through innovation and leading brands 
Schneider Electric delivers efficient solutions that optimise energy performance while conserving resources; across the global energy chain, enabling people to experience and transform efficiency at home, at work, across the grid and the city. 
From smart devices through to big data, Schneider Electric provides its customers with services, systems and technology to: 
• Reduce energy consumed 
• Reduce cost per kWh 
• Reduce CO2 footprints 
• Reduce operating expenditures 
• Realise measurable efficiency 
• Produce energy locally across the grid 
Beyond business solutions, we cover all the aspects of sustainable development: society, governance and environment. And because you cannot manage what you cannot measure, we follow our improvements with a unique tool: the Planet & Society barometer.