Temperature Controllers

PID type
TCN Series

Economical dual display type PID temperature controllers

TC Series

Economical PID temperature controllers

TK Series

Standard PID temperature controller

TB42 Series

Board type Temperature controller

TM Series

Multi-channel modular type temperature controller

TZN/TZ Series

Dual PID auto tuning controller

Analog type
TA Series

Convenient & Precise with MICOM & PID Temperature Control Algorithm


Analog and Non-indicating type, Set temperature by dial

Freezing/Defrost temperature controller
TC3YF Series

DIN W72×H36mm Freezing/Defrost Temperature controller

5_point input type
T4WM Series

Automatic switching function of 5 point temperature indication

Temperature/humidity sensors
THD Series

Indoor, Duct & Wall mounting type Temperature/Humidity transducer

Digital type

Indication type only, Various sizes

T3S/T3H/T4M/T4L Series

Digital switch setting type, temperature controller

T3HS/T3HA/T4MA/T4LA Series

ALARM, SUB output type

T4LP Series

Dual setting type, High accuracy temperature controller