MaxiFlo – Orifice Flow Meter (By-pass Rotameter)


Orifice meters are the most popular flow meter in use today. They are simple in structure but render high accuracy.

    Orifice Flow Transmitter (DP Transmitter)


Their additional merits are that they can measure large flows in big pipes, they are easily availble, they are versatile (can be configured as mass flow meter by applying temperature and pressure compensators at relatively reasonable cost), etc. It can measure clean and dirty liquids and even slurries. And it can also be used for high-viscosity liquids. The meter can be used for gases also. These meters have found applications in a wide variety of industries including but not limited to paper/fiber, steel, petrochemical, food/beverage, air-conditioning, water treatment, chemical, etc. industries. Even with the rapid growth of new technology meters such as ultrasonic, electromagnetic and Coriolis meters, this type is still one of our steady sellers.