SEWHACNM is the foregoing leader in weighing and automatic control system business, desperately contributing to the automatic control system at the factory with outgoing technology and service. Our special hi-technology and experience accumulated from decades’ development & research can meet customers’ various demands completely.

Sewha Controller is applicable to various customer’s factory condition, such as Hopper, Packer, Filler, Flecon, Conveyor and Auto Checker Scale with optimum performance . And three functions of Controller, Operator and Displayer are integrated to maximize the users’ convenience. Sewha has been focusing all R&D powers on developing hi-technology balanced with hardware and software, Namely, hardware, high qualified digital weighing indicator featured with various external interfaces and software, easily usable to operators.

Sewha has developed the integrated computer systems such as “Automated Weighing Control System” using highly add RF CARD, BAR CODE CARD” and “Completely Automated Weighing Control System” using vehicle number automatic recognition system. And also developed the industrial weighing control systems such as “Automatic Weighing Control System for RPC (Rice Processing Complex)”, ” Combination Control System” and “Shipping Control System” Above-mentioned control systems are being contributed to the relative industry with the best performance.

All management and staffs of Sewha dare to promise to keep its catch phrase ” Quality Improvement until Customers’ Complete Satisfaction ” continuously.